Ayman Horani

Product/Project Manager with 5+ years of  experience working with small startups and Fortune100 companies (Sears, Autodesk, Ilyon). And an MBA graduate.

When not planning out sprints and managing the  day-to-day activities of the team. Communicating  with stakeholders and clients. And getting projects  done on time and on budget. Ayman likes spamming Majd and Muhammad with random Slack messages


Muhammad Bushnaq

Former Game Designer at PinchPoint. Creator of the popular ‘League of Legends’ fan-game’ League of Guessing’, with over 2.5 million downloads. 

When  Muhammad is not sketching down ideas and  concepts for future titles, he passes the time by live-streaming playthroughs on Twitch, and interacting  with over 230,000 followers on his Facebook community page.

A fullstack developer, with skills in community management.


Majd Abdulqadir

Founder of Puppeteer Interactive, an asset publisher  which sells 2D and 3D game templates to Unity  developers and educators around the world. He is  also a lecturer at Hands On Games, helping the next  generation of Unity developers get their first steps  into the gaming industry.

Majd is a technical-artist and an all-around great  unity gameplay/frontend dev, with a special affinity  for interactive art.